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AquaRNA is a multifunctional aqueous solution-based reagent for DNA, RNA, and protein extraction. This single solution will lyse the cells, inactivate degradative enzymes, and extract DNA, RNA, and proteins. DNA and RNA are recovered from the cell lysate by isopropanol precipitation, while proteins remain soluble in the AquaRNA-isopropanol solution and can be recovered by acetone precipitation. AquaRNA enables concurrent isolation of DNA, RNA, and proteins from the same specimen without using different DNA, RNA, and protein extraction kits.



Inactivate and remove endogenous RNases

AquaRNA will change the way you work with RNA by killing endogenous RNases in your RNA samples.

Simple protocol

After cell lysis, DNA/RNA are precipitated with isopropanol and proteins are precipitated with acetone.


One AquaRNA Kit does all. No need to purchase separate mini, midi, maxi, and HTP kits.

Not only for RNA

Extract DNA, RNA, and proteins from the same specimens to maximize the value of your precious samples.

No phenol and chloroform

Extracts DNA/RNA/proteins without using the toxic phenol and chloroform.


Comparison of AquaRNA and column-based RNA purification

 Column-based  AquaRNA
Small RNAs Not recovered Recovered

DNA and proteins

No recovered


Isolation format Solid support

Aqueous solution 




# of Solutions

4 1


Yes No
Cost ($/miniprep) 4.00 0.66

RNA gel

DNA/RNA was extracted from bacterial culture, mammalian culture, and rat liver tissue with AquaRNA, and treated with or without DNase I. Shown are the DNA, 28S (23S), 18S (16S), and 5S RNA bands.

Brief Protocol

1. Harvest the Cells

Pellet ~0.5-2 million cultured cells or lysozyme-treated bacteria in a 1.5-ml microfuge tube by centrifugation at 12,000 xg for 60 sec. Aspirate to discard the supernatant. 

2. Extract the DNA/RNA

Add 100 ul AquaRNA solution (30 ml in the kit for 300 minipreps) to the cell pellet. Vortex vigorously for 60 sec to lyse the cells. Centrifuge at 12,000 xg for 5 min to pellet the debris.

3. Pellet the DNA/RNA

Transfer the clear lysate (80 ul) to a new 0.5-ml microfuge tube. (A) To pellet total DNA/RNA: Add 0.7 vol (56 ul) of isopropanol to the lysate and vortex to mix. Centrifuge at 12,000 xg for 5 min to pellet the DNA/RNA. Decant to discard the supernatant (Note: Proteins remain in the isopropanol supernatant and can be recovered by precipitation in 4 vol of acetone.). (B) To pellet RNA and DNA differentially: Add 0.25 vol (20 ul) of isopropanol to the lysate, vortex and centrifuge at 12,000 xg for 5 min to pellet large RNA. Transfer the supernatant containing DNA and small RNA to a new tube. Add an additional 40 ul of isopropanol, vortex and centrifuge for 5 min to pellet the DNA and small RNA.

4. Rinse the DNA/RNA

To rinse the DNA or RNA pellet, gently fill the tube with 70% ethanol from a squirt bottle and then decant to discard the ethanol solution. Be sure to rinse the entire interior of the tube, including the inside of the cap. Repeat the ethanol rinse once (use centrifuge if the pellet is loosening). Tap the tube on a paper towel to remove residual ethanol, place the tube upside down on the paper towel to air dry the DNA/RNA pellet for 5-10 min. Add 50-100 ul of nuclease-free water to the pellet, vortex and/or pipette to solubilize the DNA/RNA pellet. Incubate at 22 °C for 5 min, centrifuge at 12,000 xg for 5 min to pellet any insoluble material, and transfer the DNA/RNA solution to a new tube.

Order Information

Product Name:    AquaRNATM Kit 

Product Number:   5001, 5030

Application:    Isolation of DNA, RNA and proteins. For in vitro research use only.

Size:    The kit is sufficient for the preparation of

  • 5001: 10 minipreps (use 100 ul AquaRNA per million culture cells)
  • 5030: 300 minipreps

Kit Contents:   The AquaRNA Kit includes the following items

  • 5001: 1 ml AquaRNA solution, User Manual
  • 5030: 30 ml AquaRNA solution, User Manual


  • 5001: $10 each
  • 5030: $199 each
Ordering:    To order, please click the "BUY" button below. 



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